Hey! I’m Brittany, wife to Holden and soon-to-be mom to Rhett, although technically my first born is Whiskey River, my 120+ pound fur baby. We call Greenville, North Carolina (Go Pirates!) home, but we grew up closer to the coast and go “home” as often as we can.

I started this little blog at 32 weeks pregnant as a way to organize the many, many thoughts I have bouncing around. It’s not really a pregnancy or parenting blog, definitely not a style or beauty blog, and most days you wouldn’t want advice from me on cooking or cleaning, either. I guess it’s a catch all. Big things and small. Stories about Whiskey and his Little, things I wonder about, and how I’m managing being a first time mom.Β I work as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in a large academic medical center and I love crafting and DIY projects on the side, so don’t be surprised if you find some of that mixed in!!