Pregnancy scare

Warning: This is going to be a long one probably with a fair share of TMI.

On Sunday night, hubs and I were laying in bed. I got up to use the bathroom once more before going to sleep. I was not prepared for what happened next. I had had ZERO complications, no pain, absolutely no indication that anything was going on. But when I used the bathroom that night, the toilet was full of bright red blood. It went from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds. I went from no bleeding to bleeding so heavily with so many large clots that I was leaving puddles on the floor trying to get to my phone to call the doctor.

I called the emergency number for the doctor’s office at 10:29 pm and the answering service said I’d have a call back within 20 minutes. That phone call lasted 2 minutes. I still had my phone in my hand when Dr. Stephenson called back 10:33. He instructed me to get to the hospital as soon as possible. He said don’t pack a bag, do nothing but get in the car and get here.

We got checked in and back to triage. Dr. Stephenson was there almost as soon as I got in bed. When they realized the amount of bleeding I was having, things started happening very quickly. Suddenly there was the doctor, the care partner, two nurses, and the charge nurse.

Luckily, they found a strong heartbeat pretty quickly, which obviously eased some fears. Dr. Stephenson did an exam, but couldn’t see or tell much because of the amount of blood and large clots. He said that he did not believe I was dilated at all. He then did a quick ultrasound. Everything looked good there and he said that my fluid levels looked normal. He, at first, was concerned about placenta previa, but then he found my placenta high in the back. It was actually a large clot sitting on top of my cervix.

While they were starting an IV and drawing labs, I started feeling very light headed and seeing spots. They immediately turned me on my side and started me on full oxygen. After a few minutes, I felt started feeling better. The amniosure that they collected during my exam was positive, however blood can cause a false positive, and there was definitely plenty of that.

I was transferred to labor and delivery, where I stayed hooked up to fetal heart rate and contraction monitors. They also measured my urine output and monitored it for clots. My pads were weighed regularly to determine how much blood I was losing.

Dr. Stephenson said that he expects me to be here until I deliver. He said he is 80-95% sure I’ll have a baby within the week, most likely within the next 24-48 hours, but if not, they wanted to try to keep me pregnant until 37 weeks. That would mean in the hospital on bed rest for 4 weeks.

At midnight, I was given the first round of steroid shots to boost fetal lung maturity. Those shots HURT! I starting having contractions over night. By 8:30 am, they were 2-3 minutes apart lasting for about 1 minute each. Later, they had spaced back out to about 5 minutes apart. Dr. Stephenson said around 1000 that he did not believe it was truly labor, but more just the blood irritating my uterus making it contract. He said again that he expected me to be here until I deliver. The first goal was to stay pregnant for the next 36 hours in order to be considered “steroid complete.” I had to get two shots, 24 hours apart, and then make it another 24 hours after the last shot for the steroids to work their magic on baby.

Throughout the day, the bleeding slowed significantly and eventually the contractions stopped. I was on IV antibiotics every 6 hours. I got my next shot that night. Tuesday morning, the bleeding was really just when I stood or on the toilet paper. I was moved to 1 West instead of labor and delivery. 1 West meant that I didn’t have to be hooked to monitors 24/7. I was disconnected from the heart rate monitors and from my IV.

Dr. Taft stopped by later in the evening and gave good news. He said he didn’t see any reason why I should have to stay until 37 weeks. He said if things continue to improve, he could foresee me going home at 34 weeks on bed rest, possibly even phasing back to normal! 34 weeks would be a pretty major milestone.

Dr. Whitley came by on Wednesday and confirmed what Dr. Taft said. She said she believes it was a partial abruption. If I continue with decreasing bleeding and no cramping/contractions, I could go home on bed rest at 34 weeks. If I stayed the same, with at least weekly office visits, and there were no changes at 36 weeks, I could potentially go back to 100% and just wait for him to come in his own. Which would obviously be AMAZING! And is way more than we were expecting several days ago!

On Wednesday night, I had an ultrasound. Baby looked good, and I had normal fluid levels, which is a pretty good indication that my water has in fact not broken.

Frieda Tucker, one of the midwives, stopped by this morning. She said much the same as Dr. Whitley and said that things are looking good So today, I just hang out, continue to take it easy, and hope for continued improvements.

I’ll post update when I have one!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy scare

  1. Mrs P says:

    Wow! That must have been a terrifying thing to go through. I’m glad that things are looking well and that you and baby are ok. I hope that you continue to improve and get home – I can’t imagine being kept in hospital like that, I think I’d go crazy!
    Sending best wishes your way xx


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