Pack A Bag

I was having a had time finding a list of things to pack to take to the hospital. Everything on Pinterest seemed like either too much or not enough. Or it was geared towards someone with an all natural birth plan. Which is not me. No offense, but give me the drugs. I found my self saving several that I liked bits and pieces of. The problem was that when I went back to look at them to, you know, actually pack my bag (which I still haven’t totally done…), I was having a hard time getting myself organized when I was constantly flipping between lists. So, I decided to make my own. (Click hereΒ for the PDF version!) I wish I could say which lists I drew inspiration from, but honestly I don’t remember. Some of this stuff I may end up not taking. But at least I have a list to help guide me.

Most of the stuff on the list is pretty self explanatory. The colored pillow cases are so that my pillows from home don’t get mixed in with all the white and left behind. The soft toilet paper was a suggestion from one of the many lists on Pinterest. I can’t remember where I saw it, but the post talked about hating the thin, scratchy toilet paper that is in most hospitals. The logic makes sense. I mean, you just pushed out a watermelon. The least the could do is give you some 2-ply cushy toilet paper. That’s one of the things that I’m not sure I’ll pack, but if I have the room in my bag after everything else, it may get thrown in.

I debated whether or not to order a Gownie. You know, a cute hospital gown that stays closed. I decided to bite the bullet and order one. I didn’t go all out and splurge on one of the really nice ones but I did get one that I like (link above). All of the Amazon reviews were great. It’s a little large, and really long, but I figure I’ll be glad that it’s not tight when the time comes. It snaps down the back and the top snaps open for skin to skin and breast feeding. It opens completely to the arm holes so IVs won’t be an issue, which is a feature that several of the other gowns I looked at didn’t have. I’ll let you know if I end up using it. I don’t think I’ll wear it for delivery, because I don’t really want to get it nasty. I figure I’ll change in to that after all is said and done. That way I’ll have all the access that is needed, but will look decent for our first visitors.

I’m packing a nursing tank that I plan to wear most of the time (after the first little bit in my gownie, of course), except for going home. I have a light, comfortable, hip length robe that I plan to wear over it to keep myself presentable for guests.

Now to actually put these things in a bag. That would probably be helpful.




2 thoughts on “Pack A Bag

  1. Mrs P says:

    I thought I had planned everything out that I needed but now, seeing your list, I realise that I have missed out so many things that I need for myself! The baby is set but I’d apparently be coming home in the nude … I might need to have a rethink lol x


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